[BLU] KGP show

David Kramer david at kramer.ne.mediaone.net
Sun Feb 6 19:30:14 EST 2000

Kris wrote:
> Anyone go to the Wilmington KGP show this weekend? I did and found some
> Great deals! I purchased 3 items:
> 1 128meg pc-100 slab of RAM -$110 (whoo hoo cheaper then $1-a-meg again)
> 1 O'Reilly press "Mastering Regular Expressions" -$15
> 1 O'Reilly press "Sed & Awk" -$5 (5 clams -come on you can't beat that)
>  -Kris

I went.  I got a 22GB IBM Deskstar 7200rmn 2MB buffer IDE hard drive for
$159.  I also got an NEC 19" multisync monitor, new, for $370.  To make
up for it, I got _SOAKED_ on some 72-pin RAM.  Obsolete RAM is so
expensive.  I paid $48 each for two 32MB sticks.

I also bought Red Hat 6.1 standard edition for $30, because I'm REALLY
close to giving up on my attempt to move to Suse 6.3.  Expect to see me
trying to sell one or the other at the next meeting pretty cheap.

I was surprised how well-attended it was.  THe past few shows I went to
were not as packed.  And they even increased the size of this one by
removing the bleachers.  At least the admission is dirt cheap when you
buy the 5-show pass like I do.
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