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Sun Feb 6 21:31:15 EST 2000

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Mark Donnelly <gimli at> writes:

> On Sun, 6 Feb 2000, Brad Noyes wrote:
> > I'm writing a c++ program that before i changed distributions from RH6.0, to
> > Mandrake worked. But now i try to run it i get a Segmentation fault when i
> > execute it with no core dump.
> Seg faults: the wonderful, wonderful sign of memory leaks.
> aaahhhh..

Not to be completely pedantic, but what you're describing is a
dangling pointer.  A memory leak occurs when you allocate memory and
forget to deallocate it.  A dangling pointer almost always causes a
segmentation fault on good operating systems; a memory leak never does
(unless your OS signals a segfault when you run out of memory; IIRC,
Linux glibc just returns a NULL on malloc, which _then_ causes a seg
fault if you try to use it without checking if it's NULL).


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