Question on using javac.exe with windows..

Ed Miner minerea at
Mon Feb 7 02:14:16 EST 2000


perhaps there has someone who has gone through this and can offer
insight/suggestions. i am trying to create a similar build environment on a
windows32 box one that is very similar to my primary linux box. i have
gotten pretty far with the cygnus tools, however i am having a problem with
the javac (ibm jdk118) and gmake i am using. the problem is occuring because
of "/" vs. "\" or "\\"..

if i use \\ then i am able to compile however the makefile thinks everything
is upto date, thus nothing is ever compiled. if i use "/" then the corrects
files are compiled, however i receive the following types of errors:

javac  db/test/
javac  db/test/
javac  db/
db/ Public class com.swaprat.db.PStatement must be
defined in a file called "".
public abstract class PStatement {
1 error
gmake: *** [db/PStatement.class] Error 1

so basically if the java file contains all lower case, then i am able to
compile, however if i am dealing with a mixed case file, then i get the
error above? any ways around this? i am not sure if it's cygnus or


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