[BLU] Softpro Marlboro Grand Opening, 2/19/0

David Kramer david at kramer.ne.mediaone.net
Wed Feb 9 09:41:18 EST 2000

On Tue, 8 Feb 2000, John Abreau wrote:

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> Subject: [BLU] Softpro Marlboro Grand Opening, 2/19/0
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> Hi All -
>    Softpro Books is holding a grand opening for the Marlboro store on
> Saturday, Feb 19.  Rick and Bob (the proprietors) approached me and
> Andy Stewart (Worcester LUG) about doing a day of Linux information,
> demos and installs at the store as part of the festivities.
>    Being more than willing to sponsor this kind of thing, I've
> committed some VA Linux Systems resources to this project - a couple
> of hubs, a couple of workstations, an install server, some T-shirts,
> my time, etc.

What is BLU's involvement in this?  Is there going to be an organized BLU
presence, or is this just a call to arms to help out with whatever we can
as individuals?

Is this going to be a regular installfest?

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