Some Old Stuff Wanted!

Randall Hofland rhofland at
Thu Feb 10 00:35:29 EST 2000

To Whomever;

    If anyone else is planning on getting rid of some old and unwanted
hardware/software, I am in need of:

- EISA/ISA IDE Controller and NIC cards for a Compaq Prosignia VS/486.
- Configuration disks for setting up the EISA bus and cards on the
Prosignia VS. I apparently need to do this before getting LINUX to boot
up and to configure not only the overall system but also my SCSI cards.
- I could also use the case cover and some 5.25 and 3.5 bay drive
brackets for the Prosignia VS if anyone comes across those.
- I currently have 4x4Mb SIMMs for 16Mb total on the machine but if I
get it working I would be interested in adding 1 or more 8, 16 or 32Mb
SIMMs to it.
- I need a K6-233 or Pentium-233 for a motherboard I have that I plan on
adding as either a firewall/router or workstation. They aren't much new
anymore but a good used one would be even better.
- PCI or AGP video cards. Again, cheap to buy 1Mb and even 4Mb units but
I need to save my money for more important hardware like a lot of ATX
cases, 100TX NICs, Celeron processors, slockets and 64Mb DIMMs to build
my dual Pentium CPUs for the cluster. So if someone has some that are in
good working order to run minimal KDE on LINUX and want to sell them
cheaply, I'm interested.
- Any 1.4Mb 3.5" Floppy, SCS I (Narrow or Wide) or IDE drives still in
good working order and of any size adequate to hold a modest LINUX
system for the cluster. This includes any older internal CD-ROMs drives
(4X or better).

And I might be willing to buy a good used 4.5 or 9G SCSI-UW (or 2) if
the price is right.

Thanks!  Randy Hofland

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