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Dear BLU Group,
    I am a student at Berklee College of Music and a new user of linux.
Though I am not new to computers I am running into a problem that might
seem elementary.

    I have a DSL line running into my apartment which is how a talk to
the outside world.  The service is run by Bell Alantic, and the way they
have it set up is you have to install a program called Poet (or for the
Mac its called Mac-Poet).  This program is bacsicly a fancy way of
DHCP.  Unfortunately this program is not made for a Linux platform.

    My question is for anybody out there.  The support people at Bell
Alantic say that they can't help me with Linux but that it can be done.
I was wondering if anybody has or is useing Bell Alantic for thier
provider and if they were able to get past this problem?

    I will appreciate any and all help I can get.  Thank You.

    Scott Growdon

    sgrowdon at student.berklee.edu
    sgrowdon at comprent.com
    sgrowdon at bellalantic.net

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