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On Fri, 11 Feb 2000 pfarrar at wrote:

>      Today I have the exact message:
>      Xlib: connection to "" refused by server 
>      Xlib: Client is not authorized to connect to Server 
>      Error: Can't open display: 

Yep, that's an xauth issue.  Easiest way around this is to do a 

  xhost +  # disables X authentication completely 


  xhost +host.connecting.from

Note: You run this command on the machine you want the X session to
display ON, not the machine where you are running the client.

BUT, if you need this machine to be secure, this is probably NOT what you
want.  In that case, take a look at 

  man xauth

It's much more complicated than xhost (and much more complicated than it
needs to be, if you ask me...) but it's also a whole lot more secure.  I
never use it, because I'm too damn lazy, and because I now use ssh which
does an end run around the whole issue by taking care of the xauth stuff
for you. :)

And, BTW, ssh ROCKS!


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