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John Chambers,,,781-647-1813 jc at trillian.mit.edu
Fri Feb 11 17:00:49 EST 2000

Randall Hofland <rhofland at gis.NET> writes:

	Gee guys, we just had somebody from the CIA giving us a tech talk on
	security. You aren't now suggesting that we can't trust the FBI (or NSA,
	SS, etc.) just because they want to run binaries (w/o source code) under
	"root"? That's almost like suggesting that the reason the FBI doesn't
	expect to catch the perpetrators of these attacks is because they
	already know who is doing it!

Nah; they're just asking you to run software under the same
terms  that  most of Microsoft's satisfied customers accept
without question.  If all those millions of  Windoze  users
are  willing to trust binary-only software from anyone, why
should we all be so worried about it?  Especially when  the
software  in  question  comes  from  the gummint elected by
those same millions?

Are people perhaps suggesting that the are  people  in  the
FBI  who  might  not  be  totally  open and honest in their
dealings with us?  Remember that they're likely reading and
archiving these messages ...

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