Hardware question

Brian J. Conway dogbert at clue4all.net
Sat Feb 12 18:32:57 EST 2000

After spending a good deal of time messing with the K6-2 450 w/ 64MB
server for my school's LUG, I'm about ready to toss it out the window. 
Every time I boot a RedHat, Mandrake, or FreeBSD install, I either get a
kernel panic on boot every other time or a signal 11 halfway through an
install.  I've tried the following to check the hardware, and I think
the only thing left is the memory, which I have none to swap with:

-tried installing with and without ethernet card(s)
-swapped video cards
-floppy and hard drive are good as a win98 bootdisk and format work fine
-CD drive is good, as I stole it from scott's desktop
-checked the bus/multiplier/voltage jumpers and they're fine, no visible
memory voltage jumpers
-set bus to 66mhz just to see if it wasn't PC100 memory, still same
-reset bios defaults to make sure all low-level hardware settings were

Any suggestions before I attempt a 48-dollar collection for a new 64MB
PC100 dimmstick?

Brian J. Conway
dogbert at clue4all.net

Geek for hire: http://clue4all.net/resume

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