Telnet & rlogin

Jerry Feldman gaf at
Mon Feb 14 07:17:58 EST 2000

In escense they are simply 2 different ways to do the same thing. Rlogin is 
part of a familly that includes rsh and rcp. One advantage of the 'r' suite 
is that it can be used between trusted hosts without requiring logins. 
Telnet is more complex. Telnet has an online mode and a command mode. 
neither protocol is really secure in that both will send passwords in the 
clear, which is why protocols such as kerberos and ssh were developed.
Udaya Krishna wrote:

> 	Can anyone explain me the difference in detail between telnet
> and rlogin. I am quite confused with both these terms.
> 	From what I know, rlogin can be used only on unix and telnet can
> be used on any system. But, how these two programs differ from
> each other ?
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