CD Recorders

linuxguy at linuxguy at
Sat Feb 12 12:52:26 EST 2000

> I guess you really want to take a survey!  Most folks will only
> have experience with one model.

George Schilling (author of cdrecord) was at LinuxWorldExpo showing off
his new CD-recorder.  I believe it was RICOH drive at heart, but the
case had FreeCOM on it (a germany company I think).  It took him 6 minutes
to burn a disk...  it was sweet!  George does post a list of drives on
the cdrecord home page.

I have a MATSHITA which was cheap, but it lacks many of the features I'd
want today.  I'll blow some of my next bonus on a RICOH I think.

| christoph
| linuxguy at

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