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On Sun, 13 Feb 2000, John Malloy wrote:

> I might put this on the BLU list if you think they would have an answer.
> I have an issue at work:
> I need to print a file from my Solaris 2.6 machine.
> The file is a long record which is "one long line"
> I need to wrap it  and print it landscape with a small font.
> What is the best tool to do this?

mpage will do this. mpage is most commonly used for 2-up and 4-up
printing, i.e. printing two or four virtual pages on one physical page. It
handles both ascii and postscript input, and (of course) produces
postscript output.

For your problem, you'd want to use the options

    -1 :: one page per sheet
    -f :: Toggle folding long lines
    -F :: Text font to be used
    -l :: Toggle portrait/landscape

    % mpage -1fl  -Ffontname  filetoprint | lp 

Note that I don't know anything about the -F option, just that it shows up
in the output of "mpage --help".

You can find the sources for mpage at

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