Telnet & rlogin

Ron Peterson rpeterson at
Mon Feb 14 16:57:12 EST 2000

Derek Martin wrote:

> All that said, just download ssh and use that instead.  It's much more
> secure (or can be -- you can make it fairly insecure if you try hard) and
> a lot more featureful/flexible than either telnet or rlogin/rsh.

I just spent some time finding this.  Go to:

I've only just compiled, installed, and tried this; so I'm certainly no
expert.  But very easy to set up, and works great so far.  So far I'm
just talking to my server on my LAN.  I'm hoping to get the same thing
set up from home, so I can expose various services I'd like to use

There's a really nice feature in that it will automatically set up your
DISPLAY environment for running X apps over ssh.  Very cool.

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