I can't login! :(

Josh Forman josh at joshforman.com
Mon Feb 14 18:19:03 EST 2000

Suddenly I'm having major problems.

During the startup process, the last thing I see is "Remounting root
filesystem in read/write mode         [PASSED]" and it just kinda hangs
there.  If something is getting frozen, it's whatever comes next.   If I hit
ctrl-c, it puts out a few more lines (starting linuxconf, etc), but it's
missing a lot of things (eth and lo interfaces, at, cron, sendmail...all the
good stuff).  then I see the text console login prompt.  I'm at runlevel 5,
so X starts immediately after and at this point, it loops, trying to switch
resolutions I think, and nevr does anything.

The precursor to this was that dhcpcd stopped working, and I tried to
install a new rpm for it among other things to try and get it working again.
Then suddenly, this happened.

System config info:
PowerMac 6500/250   64 MB RAM
YDL CS 1.1  kernel 2.2.16bpmac? (something lke tha

Let me know if you need any other info.
Josh Forman

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