signals not working in shells run under emacs on SUSE 6.3

Jerry Callen jcallen at
Mon Feb 14 20:40:41 EST 2000

Ron Peterson wrote:
> Jerry Callen wrote:
> >
> > I've been having a problem running shells in an emacs buffer on SUSE 6.3.
> > For some reason signals (like ^C) are not being passed thru to the shell.
> > What's especially weird is that it *does* work when I'm logged in as root.
> > Does this ring a bell with anyone?
> Try ^C^C.  Emacs captures ^C, even in a shell environment.
> Hope you're not offended if I'm being over-obvious :-)

Nah; I wasn't clear in my first post, so I deserved that.

I *do* know how to use shells in an emacs buffer, I've been doing it for
the better part of a decade. I know that you have to do ^C^C, or use
the little signals menu (but not mousing is why I like emacs...).

For some reason this isn't working with SUSE 6.3 (worked fine in all the
RedHat releases I've used). It *does* work if I'm running emacs as root.

Here's one observable difference, but I don't know what to do about it.
If I fire up a shell buffer and then do ^X^C (to exit emacs), I get the 
usual prompt about having active processes, and a buffer that lists the
processes. When running as an ordinary user, that buffer looks like this:

Proc         Status   Buffer         Tty         Command
----         ------   ------         ---         -------
shell	     run      *shell*	     (none)	 /bin/bash -i

When I do it as root, I get this:

Proc         Status   Buffer         Tty         Command
----         ------   ------         ---         -------
shell	     run      *shell*	     /dev/ttyp0	 /bin/bash -i

So the root process has a (presumably pseudo) tty. BTW, this
is running emacs as an X client, not in a terminal emulator.

This is emacs 20.4.

xemacs (version 21.0) has the same problem.


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