Linksys NE2000 NIC

Randall Hofland rhofland at
Tue Feb 15 01:04:03 EST 2000

    I have one of the PCI version (LNE100TX) and couldn't get it to
configure without error messages in SuSE 6.1 but 6.3 seems to have
automatically configured it without a hitch. I still have more testing
and configuring to do but this was a big step and I haven't yet gotten
error messages when it was hooked into a network. But I also have not
yet configured and tested the WakeOnLAN function.
    The Linksys site has the latest driver for the card but I believe it
is also on the software disks that come with the NIC. If all else fails
it is worth a try booting from a newer kernel or installer.

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