I've just reloaded Linux again...

Kevin M. Gleason kgleason at ma.ultranet.com
Tue Feb 15 15:41:57 EST 2000

Sorry for misconfusion, I have a dual boot computer (windows98/linux)
and just reloaded RH Linux again. I ran out of room in root last week
and couldn't recover w/o a reinstall. (I'll never assume that one
again). I'm trying to reach my Windows text files from my Linux machine
(side) and can't remember how to do it. I've created a directory (MKDIR)
called  /windos (off the root). I can't remember what fs Linux calls the
Windows directory. I believe I want to perform mkfs on that partition
but cant put it all together. Can anyone help?


"Kevin M. Gleason" wrote:

> ...and I've lost my instructions for making /windos/c a vfat type.
> Can anyone help?
> Kevin

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