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On Tue, 15 Feb 2000, Jerry Feldman wrote:

> > From: Boris Epstein <bepstein at>
> > If you happen to know a reliable PC integrator in the Greater Boston
> > area who puts together Linux-compatible machine, please let me know.
> DCG in Manchester, NH is one:
> Another that I have dealt with is Cyber Computer Technology of Woburn 
> (
> Of course there is VALinux ( 

I gotta say, we got the first part of our shipment from VA LiNUX today (2
of 6 servers that we ordered -- 2x2 fullon models) and Paul and I were
playing with them today, and THESE SYSTEMS ROCK! I WANT SOME FOR HOME!

The systems came pre-configured with RH6.0 (too bad it isn't 6.1 --
there's some cool stuff that 6.1 has that 6.0 doesn't, but not really
important for what we're using them for).  All you had to do was configure
networking on them, and away you go.  I configured and racked our new DNS
server and had it serving names in about 20 minutes. And that was only
because I managed to screw up the IP address of the machine in our zone
files, and it wouldn't answer DNS... 

As for the machines themselves, the stuff looks rock-solid.  A bit high
end for most home users, but they're very well built. Lots of space to
work inside the case, which I like very much.  I'll definitely consider
these guys for my Linux needs in the future.


Oh, and Charlie Bennet, if you're listening, the autofs startup script is
broken on RH6.X -- I've fixed it and I'm willing to provide the fix if you
guys will make sure it gets put onto your machines.

Also I was a little concerned to see that you're shipping 2.2.12 on the
box, it has known memory leaks.  I ran into this problem on our firewall.
Not a big deal if you guys fixed it, but I'd like some reassurance.
(Actually, the leaks only affect the FW code, which we're not running on
these machines, so I'm not overly concerned.)

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