ethernet probs me in person??

Josh Forman josh at
Tue Feb 15 20:22:45 EST 2000

Ok, I seem to have some things under control.   I am now booting "normally"
- normal except for the fact that interfaces eth0 and lo aren't brought up.
No clue waht's causing this, but my ethernet card's lights aren't lit unless
I run dhcpcd, and then they only light for a short time (even the link light
is not on).  So,I'm thinking that the card is not being seen - perhaps a
module got blown away or something.    I've been told to try a Net install
with a different ram disk to try to reinstall networking software.

Would it be possible to bring my stuff over to the meeting tomorrow and
perhaps before or after, you all can see this phenomenon for yourselves?

If so, I'll need to figure out transportation - I don't want to carry this
stuff over the bridge. :(

oh yes, my system info, once again:
Power Macintosh 6500/250   64 MB
Yellow Dog Linux (Champion Server 1.1)
kernel 2.2.16bpmac

In the meantime, I'm going to try this net install thing....
Thanks for putting up with me. :)
Josh Forman

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