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Charles C. Bennett, Jr. ccb at
Wed Feb 16 17:00:44 EST 2000

> Oh, and Charlie Bennet, if you're listening, the autofs startup script is
> broken on RH6.X -- I've fixed it and I'm willing to provide the fix if you
> guys will make sure it gets put onto your machines.
> Also I was a little concerned to see that you're shipping 2.2.12 on the
> box, it has known memory leaks.  I ran into this problem on our firewall.
> Not a big deal if you guys fixed it, but I'd like some reassurance.
> (Actually, the leaks only affect the FW code, which we're not running on
> these machines, so I'm not overly concerned.)

Hi Derek -

   Our 2.2.12 is closer more like an Alan Cox 2.2.13pre-whatever.  All
of our patches are published in  There are
some 75 in all patches to 2.2.12 to get to 2.2.12-29.4.  For maximum
comfort you can snarf our latest 2.2.13 rpm.


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