RealPlayer and RH6.1 revisited

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Wed Feb 16 17:23:30 EST 2000

Ron Peterson <rpeterson at> writes:

> What concerns me is bandwidth.  I don't have much,
> and can't afford much.  I don't want to simply ignore the problem, and I
> don't want to become the office gestapo.  I just want to block
> realaudio.

If bandwidth is your concern, why not look into the Linux 2.2
bandwidth shaping code.  You can basically rate-limit your bandwidth
consumption using a set of rules.  I don't know how well it
works, or how fine-grained the rules can be.  But, basically, you
can probably say something like 'limit all traffic to port 80
at 100Kbps' or something like that.

Would that solve your problem?


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