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> Hmmm ... I'd think the opposite conclusion should follow. Most of our
> experience  so  far  is  that  computer  system designed to corporate
> standards require a great many people around to administer  to  them.

I agree that they're needed. I suspect that the corporate entities as a
whole (as distinct from the people within them) are not smart enough to
realize this.

In today's world, if the systems break and the MSCE button-pushers can't
figure it out, the corporation is at a serious competitive disadvantage.
If they were to start fresh (scrap the systems, blame and fire the current
crop of drones, buy new systems and hire new drones), the cost would put
them out of business. In the world of draconian homogenization, though,
other corporations are in the same situation. At the level of the
individual you'd see everyone suffering; but if the corporate forces have
won a complete victory, then the individual is powerless to fight the

Hmm, it almost sounds like I'm describing the world of "The Matrix", with
these corporate entities in the role ascribed to the Machines in the

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