major majordomo problems

David Kramer david at
Fri Feb 18 01:23:24 EST 2000

Here's some scenes from last week's episode:

Red Hat 5.2 "everything server" 
	+ (22GB hard drive + Red Hat 6.1) 
	-> spiffy new "everything server".


Most everything I've tried to install has gone well.  One thing I'm stuck
on now is majordomo.  I just can't get that puppy to work.  The problem
may be sendmail, but I'm not sure.

I'm getting three errors in maillog:
Feb 18 00:15:03 kramer sendmail[23055]: NOQUEUE: SYSERR(root): rewrite:
map junk not found

Feb 18 00:57:40 kramer sendmail[23349]: AAA23349: Authentication-Warning: mail set sender to 
owner-comedy at using -f

Feb 18 00:57:40 kramer sendmail[23349]: AAA23349: AAB23349: DSN:
comedy-list... aliasing/forwarding loop broken

I'm not sure if I'm, still getting the first one.

I've been working with Chuck Mead <chuck at> who runs a
mailhelp mailing list.  He got me through making an m4 file and making a from that, and the /etc/smrsh problem with RH 6.1.  But I'm
still getting the same results.

Majordomo is important to me.  I am very close to the point where I am
willing to pay someone from the group a small fee or dinner or something
to come over and tweak the right file, because I have been trying to get
this going for too long.  Would anyone be interested (I live in Waltham,
MA by Watertown, MA)? 

Thanks in advance.

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