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Mark Donnelly gimli at
Fri Feb 18 14:28:07 EST 2000

> Anyone know how to make bootable copies of SunOS
> distribution CD's?  I've been trying with gcombust
> and Xcdroast.  They copy, but aren't bootable....

Umm, how are you copying the CDs?  Are you going 
through a filesystem?  I've never copied CDs under 
UNIX, but I remember a Mac that could copy bootable CDs 
simply because we had a disk image maker (Astarte 
CD-Grabber, IIRC).  This does more of a bit-for-bit 
copy, which includes whatever boot sector there might 
be.  That's definately the way you want to go, rather 
than just copying files.  

Hope this helps,
--Mark Donnelly
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