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Frank J. Ramsay fjr at
Fri Feb 18 15:50:35 EST 2000

A few Linux related random thoughts from this week (and one question)...  Just
tossing them out to hear what people think of them.

- Is there a BLU seti at home group?
- How about a 'setting up a firewall' session.  I've never done it, and would
like to attend something like this.
- I think someone mentioned this, but taping the meetings and having them
streaming download for people who can't attend.
- A Linux user conference.  Basicly invite a bunch of other LUG's for a day of
Linux stuff: talks, games, etc.  Maybe get a few keynote type speakers, i.e.
Linus, Bob Young, etc (of course that would require money).  Something like a
mini-Linux World, but geared toward the end user not a CIO (and without the
marketing weenies)


Frank J. Ramsay
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