Squid vs Browser cache

Lars Kellogg-Stedman thelars at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 20 00:52:17 EST 2000

> What flags in Squid.conf, should I look for? How do I
> configure
> squid to update the DB every 15 minutes instead of every hour?

Squid doesn't periodically update the on-disk cache; it only fetches a
document (1) if it's requested, and (2) if it's not available (and
current) in the cache.  Squid might not cache a document if it contains
dynamically generated or if the remote web site requests that the
document not be cached.

The first place to look is Squid's log file, access.log, which contains
lines something like this:

951024479.692    117 TCP_MEM_HIT/200 367 GET
- NONE/- image/gif

The fields you're interested in are 4, which consists of a phrase
containing either HIT or MISS, depending on whether the document was
served from the cache (HIT) or fetched from the remote site (MISS), and
7, the URL your browser requested.

Watch this log file (tail -f) while you repeatedly connect to a site. 
You should see xxx_HIT messages in the log for the images and such on
the page you're looking at (after your initial connection).

If not, it might help if you could describe what you do find in the log

-- Lars

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