Derek Martin dmartin at
Sun Feb 20 04:43:22 EST 2000

Haha!  In a nostalgic fit I've been playing Zork I on my Windows box (I
recently bought the Zork Anthology) and ADVENT (the original adventure,
abreviated to advent because it was written on some arcane architecture
whose operating system only allowed 6 character file names, as I recall)
which I'm playing on Linux.

So, I seem to recall hearing somewhere about some software that runs on
Linux that lets you play Zork and at least some of the other
venerable Infocom games.  Anyone know anything about this?  I have a sense
that there's some software that comes with redhat that lets you do this,
but I don't remember.  I'll have to go hunting through the manuals... If
anyone knows what I'm talking about, I'd appreciate some info (as well as
some verification that I'm not insane and just having pipe dreams)... 


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