Lars Kellogg-Stedman thelars at
Sun Feb 20 10:29:01 EST 2000

> So, I seem to recall hearing somewhere about some software that runs
> on Linux that lets you play Zork and at least some of the other
> venerable Infocom games.  Anyone know anything about this?

What you really want is Frotz, a portable Z-Machine interpreter
available from:


There are i386 and PPC RPMs of Frotz available; check at:


If you're easily bored in meetings, you may also want to check out the
ports of Frotz to PalmOS and WinCE (nothing like a game of Zork on your
Pilot :)).

There's a link to Frotz for WinCE off the Frotz homepage; the PalmOS
version is available from:


I've played with the PalmOS version and I think it's quite well done.


  -- Lars

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