stray button-up events: hardware or software bug?

John Aspinall jga at
Mon Feb 21 10:35:20 EST 2000

[Platform: Red Hat 6.1 on a Sony F-150 laptop.   Default X 
installation, the mouse is an ALPS glidepad with 2 buttons, I'm 
running with 3-button emulation.]

Symptoms: Extra button-up events, often half a second to a second 
after a real click.   My first thought was a flaky button, but after 
running xev and watching the event stream, I see extra button-up 
events but NO extra button-down events.  I would imagine that any 
hardware bug would produce extra events of both kinds.  Any hints for 
further diagnosis?  All suggestions welcomed.

John Aspinall
IS Robotics, Inc.
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