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Jerry Feldman gaf at
Mon Feb 21 14:16:09 EST 2000

I recently upgraded from an 8.4GB drive that was failing to a 20GB. One 
of the partitions on the 8.4 is a Windows partition. I have not booted my 
Widnwos partition since mid-December, but there are times where I 
might. I allocated a DOS partition on the 20GB, but I did not copy 
Windows. Secondly, WD has shipped me a replacement 8.4. The 8.4 is 
currently the first IDE channel slave. I also have 2 1 GB drives. What I 
would like to to is to make backups of each of these on a CD. I can do 
most of this with Linux, except the partition to partition copy of a 
bootable Windows system.

Power Quest has 2 products that can do much of what I want to do:
1. Disk Copy. This will give me a disk to disk copy. 
   Question: Can I copy to a partition of a different size? 
   Also, I can't use this to make a backup copy that I can quickly restore.

2. Drive Image. This allows me to make a compressed copy of my 
Windows boot partition. I can place the backed up image on either 
another hard drive, or back it up on a JAZ or CD. 

In addition, I would like to be able to back up my wife's 2 systems. 
Again, in the case of the data, such as email directories I can use tar. I 
don't mind purchasing a good reliable product, since My intent is more to 
archive. I would like some comments from people who might have used 
either of the above products.  
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