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Derek Martin dmartin at
Mon Feb 21 15:43:24 EST 2000

On Mon, 21 Feb 2000, Jerry Feldman wrote:

> I recently upgraded from an 8.4GB drive that was failing to a 20GB. One 
> of the partitions on the 8.4 is a Windows partition. I have not booted my 
> Widnwos partition since mid-December, but there are times where I 
> might. I allocated a DOS partition on the 20GB, but I did not copy 
> Windows. Secondly, WD has shipped me a replacement 8.4. The 8.4 is 
> currently the first IDE channel slave. I also have 2 1 GB drives. What I 
> would like to to is to make backups of each of these on a CD. I can do 
> most of this with Linux, except the partition to partition copy of a 
> bootable Windows system.

Yes, I believe you can do that with Linux too... use the dd command.

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