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Scott Lanning slanning at buphy.bu.edu
Mon Feb 21 22:23:47 EST 2000

On Mon, 21 Feb 2000, Brad Noyes wrote:
>I have a real quick question about fstab. At the end of the entries
>in fstab there are two digits. What are they for, i figure that
>they're for running fsck. Can someone write a quick note, i couldn't
>find it on the man page.

Since the manpage you have apparently sucks, I include the relevant
part here:

       The  fifth field, (fs_freq), is used for these filesystems
       by the dump(8) command to determine which filesystems need
       to  be dumped.  If the fifth field is not present, a value
       of zero is returned and dump will assume that the filesys)B­
       tem does not need to be dumped.

       The  sixth field, (fs_passno), is used by the fsck(8) pro)B­
       gram to determine the order in which filesystem checks are
       done at reboot time.  The root filesystem should be speci)B­
       fied with a fs_passno of 1, and other  filesystems  should
       have a fs_passno of 2.  Filesystems within a drive will be
       checked sequentially, but filesystems on different  drives
       will  be	 checked  at the same time to utilize parallelism
       available in the hardware.  If the sixth field is not pre)B­
       sent  or	 zero,	a value of zero is returned and fsck will
       assume that the filesystem does not need to be checked.

Also, I note that the fields in /etc/fstab are those in the
following structure (mntent.h):

struct mntent
    char *mnt_fsname;	/* Device or server for filesystem.  */
    char *mnt_dir;	/* Directory mounted on.  */
    char *mnt_type;	/* Type of filesystem: ufs, nfs, etc.  */
    char *mnt_opts;	/* Comma-separated options for fs.  */
    int mnt_freq;	/* Dump frequency (in days).  */
    int mnt_passno;	/* Pass number for `fsck'.  */

The dump frequency is pretty obvious.
man fsck for the pass number.

(no clue about 2nd question)

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