Windoz disk copy tools

Kuan Lee kuanlee at
Tue Feb 22 00:32:47 EST 2000

Jerry Feldman wrote:
> I asked a couple of people here, and they confirm that dd, tar or cp 
> should be ok. I think dd would be most appropriate when the source and 
> target partitions are the same size. The reason for the question goes 
> back to DOS when the boot sector needed to know where msdos.sys 
> and io.sys was. But, in the worst case, I have a Win95 and Win98 CD 
> and boot floppies, so there should be no problem to make it bootable 
> again. 
> On 21 Feb 00, at 15:43, Derek Martin wrote:
> > Yes, I believe you can do that with Linux too... use the dd command.

This is true with SCSI, but is it also necessarily true with IDE?
I think the case of having bad blocks on either disks is a
problem with using dd.  Not absolutely sure though...

 Kuan Lee
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