dhcp client with MediaOne

John G. Norman jnorma4 at attglobal.net
Tue Feb 22 07:34:02 EST 2000

Hi. I've been researching a problem I'm having with a home installation of 
debian (it's "potato," 2.2.12 [frozen]).

Basically, I can't get my dhcp client software to work with MediaOne.

I've tried both dhcpcd and dhclient in their newest versions. Both seem to 
work, but while each can send out a DHCPDISCOVER, I never get a reply. Both 
eventually time out. Manual configuration of /etc/init.d/network works 
fine, but I'd like to have something that will work when MediaOne changes 
my ip address.

I know that it's possible to do dhcp on my cable connection, because a 
Windows machine does it just fine on the same modem.

I've also tried specifying my hostname and the MAC address for the NIC 
first used with MediaOne: These strategies are not working.

Other details: The NIC is a 3com 3c515, plugged into an ISA bus on an old 
486. As I said, the NIC does seem to work fine on a LAN as well as when I 
use manual settings with the cable modem. ifconfig looks fine.

I also tried the slink (earlier) release of Debian, but the binaries for 
dhcpcd and dhclient didn't work with that version. The upgrade to potato 
has been fine and resolved, at least, the problem of running the binaries.

Any ideas? I've looked at HOWTOs, tried the debian lists, usenet, etc., all 
to no avail.

	John N.

John G. Norman (http://people.ne.mediaone.net/jgnorman/)

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