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Tue Feb 22 13:45:57 EST 2000

   This could work, but I'd recommend more RAM (at least 8MB total).  I
have a filtering firewall for my DSL line that's a 486/75 w/ 16MB and
200MB disk, and it's doing just fine.
   I've had good luck building very low space systems from the Slackware
distribution, and some difficulty getting RedHat to fit into the same
space.  RH6.2beta is supposed to have a smaller minimal install, but I
haven't tried it yet.
   You don't NEED 2 NICs to do firewalling/NAT, but it makes things easier
and safer.  If you have the slots and cards available, use them. If not,
it is possible to assign two addresses to one card and try to force all
traffic through one machine.
   There's a new mini-howto for using RedHat as a home internet
gateway. It's at:
...or your local LDP mirror.

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On Tue, 22 Feb 2000, John Abreau wrote:

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> Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2000 13:26:51 -0500
> From: Charlie Wang <charliewang at>
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> Subject: Help!
> John,
> I'd like to use Linux as a Networking tool to run on my old PC.
> I have a 486PC. I'd like to know the minimum hardware/software
> requirements on my PC before I want to do anything. I bought my PC in
> 1992/93. It is a 486 IBM compatible PC (I guess it has Intel processor),
> has only 100 Mb Hard drive space, and 4 Mb RAM and it runs Window 3.1
> before. Also, How many slots should I need to install Ethernet Cards ?
> (I was told I need 2 slots available)
> Can I use this PC to run Linux and use as a Gateway or NAT? I don't want
> it to be as a Web server (It couldn't!)
> I appreciate your help and any tips you may have.
> Thanks a lot,
> Charlie Wang

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