Dual Monitors in LINUX

Scott Stirling sstirling at mediaone.net
Thu Feb 24 20:06:27 EST 2000

In re to the multi-threaded apps, the general answer is "yes," if you have
an SMP kernel configured, which I'll assume you do, and if the application
in question is using native threads.  To tell whether an app. will benefit
from SMP, look at the output of "ps -ef."  Is there more than one task
listed for the application in question?  If yes, then the app is using
native threads (LinuxThreads in the case of Linux) and the kernel will
automatically schedule those tasks in parallel.  If no, then it won't.  I
believe Netscape is multi-threaded by virtue of a user-level thread library,
which will mean that it doesn't use LinuxThreads and so its threads can't be
scheduled by the kernel.  I don't have a Linux machine handy to test it
right now.

I don't see what the threading question has to do with the display
situation, but let me point you to http://www.enlightenment.org where you
can see Mandrake's awesome screen shots of Enlightenment spread across a
couple monitors on Linux.

Scott Stirling
West Newton

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> Hi,
> http://www.metrolink.com/productindex.html
> The best $40 spent.
> you got up to 4 monitor.
> Unfortunatly you got it only with Matrox cards (I use G200 + matrox
> millenium I).
> XFree desn't support it yet. It will be included in XFree86 4.0
> For the dual processors.. well depend if the app take advantage of multi
> processor. I don't know if the scheduler will put different threath on
> diff processor though, but I think so! Basically you have to see if the
> app is a multy threaded one (dunno about Mozilla etc).
> Have fn
> MAx
> Randall Hofland wrote:
> >
> > One reason I use a Macintosh computer to surf is its support of multiple
> > monitors (I use either 2 or 3 at a time). I can't find anything
> > describing how to set up a dual monitor system in SuSE 6.3. Does LINUX
> > allow for this? If it does, can you also take advantage of dual
> > processors in Netscape or Mozilla?
> >
> > Thanks,  Randy Hofland

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