BAM quick connection under linux?

Seth M. Landsman seth at
Thu Feb 24 22:22:32 EST 2000

	So I have a Qualcomm 860 modem, which does wireless data and nifty
stuff like that.  BellAtlantic offers a special number via their phone,
#777, which supposedly tells the phone to connect via PPP over CDMA to
their network.
	They give drool proof instructions on how to make this work under
windows, but I can't get it working under linux or on my pilot.
	Essentially, the phone is a serial, AT compatible modem.  Has
anyone had experience with this?  Has anyone gotten this working under
linux?  Can someone throw a manual which might talk about configuring PPP
to do the right thing in this case?

	FWIW, straight dialing on the pilot looks like it connects and
then drops.  Under minicom, I get a CONNECT, and nothing happens.  It
doesn't look like the phone actually dials.

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