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Scott Stirling sstirling at
Fri Feb 25 15:56:59 EST 2000

Thanks for the link, Dan.

Phil's site is awesome content-wise.  I bookmarked it.  I've browsed his web
design book at the bookstore before.  Maybe I'll buy it after checking out
some of the excerpts online.

But good God, the dynamic pages of the site are based on Tcl?!  Come on!
You could type in and email the web pages in the time it takes for those Tcl
pages to process.  Or maybe it's the AOL server on HP-UX that slows it down.

Scott Stirling
West Newton

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> not directly relevant, but take a look at this purloined paragraph
> > One resource I always recommend wholeheartedly to people who wish to
> > engage in the NT versus UNIX debate is Phillip Greenspun's excellent
> > Web Tools Review, located at . He includes the full
> > text of his book, Phillip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing, which I
> > think is a must read for those who want to make sites that are both
> > attractive and usable.
> and when you visit PG's site, read the syllabus for the bootcamp
> --dan

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