floppy access problems are back..

Kevin M. Gleason kgleason at ma.ultranet.com
Sat Feb 26 19:29:33 EST 2000

Before my last install of RH Linux 6.1, I asked for help in getting my
floppy disk drive to work as a Guest user (not root user). I changed my
fstab for floppy over to noauto,user 0 0 and still nothing. I wound up
calling red hat help and they told me (as a last ditch effort) to do a
ch command. I can't remember which one, either chmod or chown.
I was told to change permissions from root.
Can anyone tell me how to go from here?
Do I switch the owner from root to Guest?
Do I switch the ownership of fd0 to Guest?
I need to do some work as a non-root user and I can't access floppy no
matter what I do.


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