floppy access problems are back..

Derek Martin derek at cerberus.ne.mediaone.net
Sun Feb 27 14:27:06 EST 2000

"Kevin M. Gleason" wrote:
> I did what you suggested but still (after rebooting) when I try to:
> mount -t ext2 /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy
> I get the message
> mount: only root can do that

Ordinarily, only root can mount a filesystem.  The mount command does
have the `user' option, which if you include it in your fstab file for
that filesystem, will allow a regular user to mount a floppy. It is
IMPORTANT that you READ THE MAN PAGE for mount regarding this option,
because it does have certain implications.

> which makes me wonder if the mount command doesn't have permissions set to
> 700 - would that be it? When I try to mount the drive from the desktop icon
> with a native ext2 disk it mounts (even when I'm not guest) but when I try
> to do a mount at the terminal--I get that message.

It's easy to tell if the command has permissions 500 or 700; if you are
not root, you will get "Permission denied." when you try to run it.  So
that's not the case.  If you have the `usermode' package installed, it
includes config files and commands that allow regular users who are
logged in on the console (or X session, still considered the console) to
run certain commands that are normally only available to root.  Not all
distributions have it, but most more recent ones do, so I understand.
Among them is definitely RedHat (all of the 6.X releases and maybe

I've mucked with this stuff, but only a little bit, so I'm not too
familiar with this.  But check out the man pages for:


[Note: the number in parenthesis is the "section" of the manual that the
pages are in; that's a fairly standard way to indicate that. See the man
manpage for more details on sections...]

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