Multiple clients over Linux PPTP --- Motion to Ban Use of Undisclosed Recipients on this List

John Wenger JohnWenger at
Mon Feb 28 16:36:23 EST 2000

Using undisclosed recipients on a mailing list sucks,
because it renders standard filters useless.  I filter on
"discuss at" and "discuss-digest at" in both the
"To" and "CC" fields.

If people insist on doing this, then the mailing list needs
to do something to enable msg filtering, perhaps
automatically prepending to the subject line a string useful
for filtering, e.g., "Blu.Org", etc., however this is
undesirable since it wastes line space.

How else might this problem be solved?

I move that the practice of using undisclosed recipients on
this list be banned, and implemented in the rules for the
mailing list processing of msgs, so that humans don't have
to keep going through this sort of thing.

Would someone please second this motion?


Subcription/unsubscription/info requests: send e-mail with
"subscribe", "unsubscribe", or "info" on the first line of the
message body to discuss-request at (Subject line is ignored).

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