Wass jeffwass at MIT.EDU
Mon Feb 28 23:30:39 EST 2000

Hello Everybody,

	I've finally gotten IP Masquerading working, so I'm able
to connect to the net through my firewall box.  Now for my question.
Since this box is configured mostly okay now, and I'll only need to
access it infrequently (hopefully), what is the standard method 
to access a usually not-accessed box?  What I mean is, I'd like to use
the monitor, among other parts, for computers on my LAN now, since I don't
need a monitor 24/7 for this box.  
	At work, on a relatively secure network, I've set up my
samba server, which is a box on the floor, plugged into the network, 
to answer telnet only to my desktop box.  (it's a private network behind
a firewall, so i trust the admins and other people on the network not to
do nasty things with my box, if they intercepted the passwords).
However, i don't trust the entire internet like this, and I don't really
want to run the telnet server just to listen to requests for this one
box to admin it remotely.  Are there other ways to do the admin?  I don't
need X, just command line stuff.  For instance, serial connections or
something similar?
	I assume using a box like this is a fairly common incident.  
Any suggestions are welcomed.  Thanks.

	- Wass

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