Sub7 (was Re: USB too greedy...)

Scott Lanning slanning at
Tue Feb 29 13:20:15 EST 2000

On Tue, 29 Feb 2000, Christoph Doerbeck A242369 wrote:
>Also, anyone here familiar with the Sub7 trojan-horse for Windows?  

I've chatted with people who say that you basically have
a window on your screen which maps to the "victim"'s screen.
They said they could move their windows around, change their
background image, start up some music, watch them ICQing.....
Anyone can install the trojan on someone's machine, then anyone
else (picture mobs of AOL h4X0r d00dz) can play around.
Initially, I made fun of those people I chatted with, for being
scr1pt k1dd1ez, but as they were telling me what "fun" they
could have, I was somewhat in awe of this Sub7 thing (though
I still think they're script kiddies using it).

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