Best Unix?

Jerry Feldman gaf at
Wed Jun 19 16:28:16 EDT 2002

BTW: Most commercial Unix vendors make a full set of their documents 
available online, including the assembler manual for the Alpha chip.

On 19 Jun 2002 at 16:10, Scott Lanning wrote:
> It's fun to play on; good for a university system, which is where
> I'm familiar with it from (also TheWorld's shell account uses
> Irix, but that's only a shell). For example, you can learn MIPS
> assembly language or OpenGL programming. The docs are very complete
> compared to Linux, though I'm not sure if that's a general commercial
> Unix thing or not because I've mostly used Irix (and SunOS/Solaris,
> but I never had good experiences with that (though some people
> seem to like it alot)).

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