Software Freedom Day 09/10/05

Benj. Mako Hill mako at
Mon Sep 5 13:08:51 EDT 2005

<quote who="David Kramer" date="Sun, Sep 04, 2005 at 10:48:49PM -0400">
> We don't have a lot of time OR ideas.  Jerry, JABR, and I are all busy that 
> day, But if we can get some volunteers who would be willing to help out on 
> that day, I would be willing to help out with prep work and brainstorming.
> I'm thinking that we could make and distribute flyers, and possibly CDs. 
> Not sure where.  Most likely computer stores would not let us push free 
> alternatives to their bread and butter.

I have about ~400 Ubuntu CDs sets that include a Live CD and a subset
of the Open CD. I know of a few other people that would be interested
in doing this as well.

> Downtown Crossing?

This would get my vote unless it's raining. I guess that Harvard
Sq. would be good also. This or outside the Park Street stop. We could
probably talk to folks and give away 400 CDs in no time at all.


Benjamin Mako Hill
mako at

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