The $100 laptop closer to reality

Brendan mailinglist at
Thu Sep 29 13:05:12 EDT 2005

On Thursday 29 September 2005 12:58 pm, Ben Jackson wrote:
> While I agree with you on the 'taking over for teachers' I disagree with
> the 'taking over for boks'. If done right (Boy, that seems to come up a
> lot in this thread), we could elimintate a LOT of the books used today.
> ePaper is rapidly becoming a reality, and if we actually do some common
> sense copyright reform in this country, textbooks could be phased out
> quite easily.

Would love to see something better than mini-laptop with PDFs...
ePaper? Ok, let's see it somewhere on a large-scale with people cheering about 
it being better than books. I just don't see it within even the next few 
years. Would love to be proven wrong.

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