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Enterprise-Class Virtualization with Open Source Technologies

Date and Time

Wednesday, October 18, 2006 from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm


MIT Building E-51, Room 335


Alex Vasilevsky , Founder and CTO , Virtual Iron Software


An overview of Xen hypervisor and Virtual Iron's technology


Virtualization is a new and hot item to the world of x86 hardware. There have been, however, virtualization technologies for over 40 years starting with the IBM emulators for mainframes and later with the CP67 and VM virtualizing operating systems. Newest hardware from Intel and AMD makes possible for the first time use hardware virtualization in production environments (rather than just test and development). Xen, the leading Open Source virtualization technology, has quickly become a standard adopted by many leading companies to build comprehensive data center efficiency and management solutions. This session will provide an overview of Xen hypervisor, architecture and capabilities of the Virtual Iron product built on Xen hypervisor, possible open source extensions, and best practices for deployment to achieve enterprise-class virtualization. Alex founded Virtual Iron in 2003 and serves as its CTO. Alex has been instrumental in defining and creating the technology and architecture behind Virtual Iron.


  1. Virtual Iron home page

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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