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Android Tablet Wars: An Overview

Date and Time

Wednesday, August 17, 2011 from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm


MIT Building E-51, Room 335
Jerry Feldman , Associate Director , Boston Linux & Unix - gaf blu org
Brian DeLacey - CryptographicHistory gmail com
Tom Sohmers - trsohmers mit edu
Matt Wendorf - mwendorf surrex com
Kurt Keville , Thaumaturgical Engineer , MIT Clinical Research Center - kkeville alum mit edu


We explore the various Android tablet devices that just hit the market


Jerry Feldman will showcase the Barnes & Noble Color Nook, hacked to run unlocked Android OS. Matt Wendorf will cover the Motorola Xoom. Brian DeLacey will demonstrate the Vizio tablet, from apps to changing TV channels and solar recharging. Tom Sohmers will present the HP Touchpad. Kurt Keville will showcase a stealth tablet.

The presenters will touch on the following areas for several Android Tablets:

  • Android Version / Platform Customizations
  • Hardware Specs (RAM, SSD, Processor / Speed, Sensors, Battery Life, Screen size etc.)
  • Price / Purchase experience
  • Usage Scenarios and Application Demonstration
  • Surprises and Wish Lists

We will also have a “Tablet Show-and-Tell” discussion for any attendees who would like to show off their Android tablets.


  1. YouTube video of meeting

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
We also thank MIT for the use of their facilities.

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