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November 1994 Meeting Notes

Ken Kenschaft hosted the meeting, mainly as a brainstorming session of what members want out of the group, what we'd like the group to do and to be.

Outline of discussion, written on the blackboard:

How do/will I use Unix/Linux?

As an R&D platform:

Develop on Linux, deploy on DOS
run gcc to generate DOS executable; use RSX emulator -> 32 bit environment; GO32
Link against Wine library; that should provide the same environment
use WXLib; edenburg (?)
use InterViews C++ class library to write to InterViews and deploy on Windows and Linux

How to set up a Linux box as a file server in a local area network where users can run NNTP on the local net and use UUCP to download their email

Use Linux to learn Unix and programming techniques; explore the operating system.

Use Linux for scientific computation by compiling scientific applications on Linux. Fortran-to-C translator.

Good environment for CS students because it has Pascal-to-C

Ptolemy - circuit simulator

Gateway/router system

Linux uses the hardware more optimally in regard to paging and number crunching applications

What do I want from the Group?

  1. Flexibility of levels
  2. Chance to tell my war stories
  3. Listen to others
  4. Get ideas
  5. Grass roots
  6. Non-specialized
  7. Giveaways
  8. Demonstrations
  9. Setup workshop
  10. X Configuration info for various monitors and cards; ConfigXF86, SuperProbe
  11. Linux user base explode (or any Unix)
  12. Overhead projector to project PC display

Suggestions for the future

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