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BCS Linux & Unix User Group
Volunteers Operational Meeting

Wednesday, May 24, 1995

The meeting began at 7:00 PM; we adjourned somewhere around 10:15.


Agenda was informal, mostly taken from the floor in the first ten minutes. Nobody officially took minutes, so I'm writing this up mostly from memory, assisted by my (somewhat sparse) notes.

FSF proposal

Richard Stallman of the Free Software Foundation came to our user group meeting on April 19, and talked at length for well over an hour, during which he urged us to rename the group to "Unix and GNU/Linux". Richard followed up on this in May via email, reiterating his desire for us to change our name.

We spent most of the first hour discussing the pro's and con's of changing the name. Michael Bushnell championed the proposal, explaining why RMS wanted this change. Jerry Feldman suggested changing our name to "Unix and Related Systems" as another alternative.

We took a straw vote on the proposal before moving on to other issues:

  1. Linux & Unix / 6 votes
  2. GNU/Linux / 1 vote
  3. Unix & Related Systems / 1 vote


Barry Ryan, of the BCS BBS Merger team, proposed that volunteers from our group help to put together a BBS system for BCS that would be based on a Linux OS.

Volunteer Jobs

We're looking for volunteers to take on a number of tasks, including the following:

As for the more technical volunteers, we can point them at the FSF list of volunteer jobs.


A few people were suggested as possible speakers and topics:

Someone expressed a desire that we return to a format where we hold a significant Q&A session at each meeting, in addition to our guest speakers.

Pentium Lab

The Resource Center has a classroom with 10 Pentium-75 workstations. We've reserved 10 InfoMagic CD-ROMs for running Linux on these systems to teach classes for our group. Volunteers are needed to implement the plan.

Social Events

Pot Luck Barbecue
We're planning a Pot Luck Barbecue for Saturday, August 5. Attendees will bring their own food and drink. We'll plan on starting the grill(s) somewhere around 2:00 PM. We'll have a box for Contributions to support the Linux/Unix group.

Someone was going to research some possible locations for the event; we decided it should be in the Boston/Cambridge area, and T accessible. I don't recall who was going to handle this.

CyberSmith and Liberty Cafe
These two places are "techie hangouts", kinda like "Cheers" with computers. We'd like to have a regular social event at these places, perhaps on the Saturdays following the main group meeting.

We'll plan the first event at CyberSmith for Saturday evening, June 24; if the space is already booked, we'll instead try to book Saturday evening, July 1.


There are a number of places we can give seminars to raise revenue for our group.

Bill White has volunteered to conduct a seminar in August. We'll try to arrange this at Virtually Wired. We'll collect perhaps $20 per head, with a class size of maybe 10.

Note that the deadline for publiciizing in the BCS Calendar is June 15.


Offline topics

Several issues had been discussed in the weeks prior to the meeting, but didn't come up in tonight's meeting. Among them:

Mission Statement
Rich Braun suggests we put together a mission statement for our group. The mission statement should affirm the fact that the Linux community is part of the GNU community, rather than a competing community.

Several people have suggested that we put together our own CD-ROM, to help raise revenue for our group. Other merchandise could include T-shirts, bumper stickers, video tapes of meetings, etc.

Seeking corporate sponsors
We've been looking at the possibility of working with the BCS contacts at Lotus Development Corporation, to persuade them to become a corporate sponsor of the Wine project, which would enable Linux to run commercial software written for MS-Windows. Lotus could also use the Wine library to build native Linux applications.

This was mentioned briefly during the extensive discussion of RMS' name-change proposal.

BCS Linux & Unix User Group

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